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Join the Award-Winning Team!


Imagine selling something that everyone wants to buy!

Few professions offer the same opportunities as real estate sales, and no other real estate organization can offer the same opportunities as Ohio Realty Group.

As an Ohio Realty Group Sales Associate, you will acquire our solid, respected image. As one of Ohio's most successful groups of Real Estate Professionals, Ohio Realty Group has captivated consumer awareness, influenced consumer preference and earned consumer satisfaction. The strength of this industry wide reputation opens more doors for you and that means more opportunities to earn more income.


What do you need to be the best? The right resources and tools to help you make the sale!

Ohio Realty Group's professional staff provides outstanding support. Our "fast-start" training covers topics from listings and buyer representation to business development and more. As you continue your career path with us you'll see for yourself how our diverse training curriculum helps you stay on the leading edge of our ever-changing industry.


When you join Ohio Realty Group, your outstanding efforts are recognized with one of the most comprehensive and successful awards and recognition programs in the industry at the State and Real Estate Board level.


Ohio Realty Group is known for finding the right homes for our customers. But we are also known for finding the right people for our sales team who want more from their professional lives. So if you are looking for ...

  • An exciting and rewarding career
  • The opportunity to work with the Premier Real Estate resource in Northeast Ohio.
  • A chance at proving to yourself and others just how successful you can be

... then consider a career with Ohio Realty Group. The right home for your real estate sales career.